As the Creator of City of Hoops, Terrell D. White has dedicated his life to bringing this visionary cartoon to the public. Growing up in the inner-city of Lancaster, California, Terrell entered a set of original, graffiti characters in a high school art competition and won first place. These characters, which would later evolve, served as the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind animated series that is loosely based on Terrell’s upbringing and life.

Terrell crossed paths with City of Hoops Co-Founder, Matthew Allinson, when Matthew hired Terrell to create a logo for a website he owned. Shortly after Terrell completed the logo, he started sending Matthew a few scripts he had written for the cartoon. Matthew was hooked immediately and knew he had to get involved with the project. Since this time, Matthew has assisted Terrell in developing City of Hoops into an animated property which is currently in 3D production.

Terrell and Matthew have successfully combined their passion for art and basketball to create this unforgettable story that incorporates a unique blend of powerful life lessons, comedy, and action. Through astounding animation, engrossing characters, and positive and humorous content, Terrell and Matthew are using City of Hoops as a vehicle to break down barriers, close opportunity gaps, and create more pathways to success for today’s youth.