CITY OF HOOPS (COH) is an animated sports drama, urban comedy, and crime mystery all rolled into one. The series straddles the line between genres with fresh and dynamic characters and an engaging story set in the world of basketball. COH tells the story of T, an African-American teenager, on a quest to unravel the mystery of his father’s death - in what appears to be a random shooting - while doing whatever it takes to take his team to the state championship. COH is a story of inspiration, perseverance, and positive choices in the face of life’s obstacles. Against the odds, T takes the high road of a hero.

Each episode includes edge-of-your-seat basketball action as the team moves ever closer to the game that could change everything. Against this backdrop of high school conflicts, romances and rivalries, T gets closer to uncovering a deadly conspiracy which will lead him into his own family’s hidden secrets.

CITY OF HOOPS also contains comedy, primarily through the character of T’s biggest fan, 12-year-old T-Baby. While T is often literally fighting for his life, T- Baby is always in the middle of some crazy scheme to raise his status in the neighborhood. While the inner city high school T attends is predominately African-American, the show is a multicultural series populated with characters of numerous colors, ethnicities and nationalities - just as it is in the real world.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Young multi-cultural audience, skewing Gen Z & Young Millennials.

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